Eleven Months

Weight: 19.73 lbs (as of 10/17)
Length: 28 inches (as of 10/17)
Likes: Taking all of his toys off of the shelves, knocking down towers, dumping out containers, and otherwise destroying any order in our home. He also enjoys pulling himself up and trying to climb on things.
Clothing Size: He can still fit into a lot of his 6-9 month clothes, but mostly he’s in the 12-month selections now!
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Toy(s): The TV remote, balls, anything he can dump out of a container.
Skills: Pulling himself up on everything (bookshelves, couches, stairs, chairs, Mommy’s legs….)
Eating: He still has a strong preference for pureed foods, but he’s getting better at managing foods we’ll put on his tray, such as little pieces of chicken. He takes bottles less frequently at daycare now, but continues to drink 12 or more ounces each day at daycare. We still nurse at home.
Sleeping: He sleeps an awesome 10-11 hours at night when he feels well, but he had another ear infection this month that seemed to wake him up for long, fussy stretches several nights this month. Naps are still a struggle, though he sleeps great in the car.
Firsts: Trick-or-Treating (before Halloween)
Mommy’s Highlight: Watching him start to try new things on his own, but knowing he will still look to make sure I’m watching.
Daddy’s Highlight: The way LT crawls after us when we walk around the house – he’s a little shadow!

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Rayna’s Window

A year after our first retreat at Faith’s Lodge in 2015, the group we met there decided to do a reunion. It was a time to reconnect, talk through the past year, and celebrate four healthy babies and hope for the two due later in the year. Faith’s Lodge was a very special place for us, meeting these other families going through similar losses and having these people in our lives as we continue on our journeys.

For those who haven’t been to Faith’s Lodge, there are many opportunities to donate in honor of children gone too soon—from trees, to rooms, to stained glass windows—there is something for everyone. When we arrived for our reunion, we noticed the first stained glass window was installed, a beautiful mountain scene. After seeing this stained glass window, Sarah and I started to wonder:
What would legacy could we leave for Rayna?

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Nine Months

9 MonthsWeight: 18.4 pounds
Length: 27.8 inches
Likes: Ripping apart magazines if he gets his hands on them, making his way to the hardwood floor to make louder banging noises.
Dislikes: Having things that aren’t safe to play with taken away, such as small pieces of paper he ripped out of magazines. He also makes a face like he does not like the first bite of any food he is having, no matter what it is.
Clothing Size: 6-9 month
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Toy(s): Not toy things (such as empty cereal boxes)
Skills: Inch-worm crawling
Eating: He likes chewing on big chunks of food, especially watermelon.
Sleeping: Through the night (most of the time)! He still takes cat naps, or 3-4 short naps in a day.
Firsts: Rayna’s Week, trip to a state park, time in the church nursery, night away from Mommy, flight.
Mommy’s Highlight: Being reunited after time away!
Daddy’s Highlight: Taking him to Chicago to meet the Salesforce Ohana.

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Rayna’s Week – Year Two

Two weeks ago was the second anniversary or Rayna’s day(s). July 25 is the day we found out she died, and July 27 is the day she was delivered. Last year, we went camping and we wanted to do something similar – to get out of our house and our usual routine and spend time together as a family – but not risk LT not sleeping through the night at a campground. Nick and I were fortunate to be able to take the whole week off of work, and we spent a few days at a friend’s cabin in the woods.

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Leaving a Legacy

Many of the friends we made in the weeks and months following Rayna’s death recently passed the two year anniversaries of their losses – and we are approaching that same date in just over a week. It is wild how fast two years goes by! Our friends all have such neat ways of remembering their babies and giving back to others in their honor: gardens, donated breast milk, improving hospital bereavement programs (particularly raising money for bereavement tools such as cuddle cots), and so much more. We are fortunate to have friends who love their children fiercely and show that love through generosity.

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