Talking Body

 Stillbirth isn’t only an emotional and spiritual experience, it is also physical.

I’ve never been a huge fan of my body. I mean, I know I’m physically strong. I run, a lot… many half marathons, even a full marathon in 2014. I lift weights and can move furniture on my own. I’m strong. But, I often wish to be less strong in order to be more skinny. Getting pregnant meant it was one of the first times in my life I was not actively trying to lose weight. Freedom!

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Rayna’s Delivery

After sleeping very little and deciding to stay where we were, labor was induced the morning of Sunday, July 26. Induction started slowly, as my body was only 33 weeks pregnant and not prepared for labor. I hadn’t had any cramping or spotting; my body was still completely unaware our baby had died. To start labor, I took a pill every few hours (probably Cytotec, I don’t remember), and small contractions came and went throughout the day. Our Sunday nurse had also experienced infant loss and had some insight for us throughout the day.

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