Fourteen & Fifteen Months

Fourteen Months

Weight: 20.66 pounds (as of 1/17/18)
Length: 29.9 inches (as of 1/17/18)
Likes: Dancing, reading his touch and feel books
Clothing Size: 12 months. I tried putting him in a sweatshirt that was 12-18 months, and Nick said LT looked like Bill Belichick
Diaper Size: 4
Favorite Toy(s): He really enjoys some of his new Christmas gifts, especially a snuggly puppy that talks and sings and a farm set with new tractors.
Skills: Standing up without holding on to anything
Eating: He’ll try about anything, though he is not a fan of Cheerios. He likes trying to self-feed with a spoon, and sometimes he’s even successful! He prefers to have a little breast milk mixed with his whole milk, though he will definitely take a sippy cup of milk or water—he hasn’t used a bottle since about 11 months. I still nurse him when we’re at home, mostly when he wakes up and before bed a night.
Sleeping: He continues to sleep all night, and we love it! Occasionally he’ll skip a morning nap, but most of the time he still needs a short nap in the morning. He definitely prefers to be held for naps, but sleeps in his crib at night.
Firsts: Swimming lesson, Twin’s fest (baseball pre-season fun)
Mommy’s Highlight: Christmas!
Daddy’s Highlight(s): Going to Twins Fest, watching LT learn how to rip wrapping paper, and the way his head bob while dancing looks like a penguin walking or the Night at the Roxbury (and his head shake looks like Chris Kattan in the Christmas Song).

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Eleven Months

Weight: 19.73 lbs (as of 10/17)
Length: 28 inches (as of 10/17)
Likes: Taking all of his toys off of the shelves, knocking down towers, dumping out containers, and otherwise destroying any order in our home. He also enjoys pulling himself up and trying to climb on things.
Clothing Size: He can still fit into a lot of his 6-9 month clothes, but mostly he’s in the 12-month selections now!
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Toy(s): The TV remote, balls, anything he can dump out of a container.
Skills: Pulling himself up on everything (bookshelves, couches, stairs, chairs, Mommy’s legs….)
Eating: He still has a strong preference for pureed foods, but he’s getting better at managing foods we’ll put on his tray, such as little pieces of chicken. He takes bottles less frequently at daycare now, but continues to drink 12 or more ounces each day at daycare. We still nurse at home.
Sleeping: He sleeps an awesome 10-11 hours at night when he feels well, but he had another ear infection this month that seemed to wake him up for long, fussy stretches several nights this month. Naps are still a struggle, though he sleeps great in the car.
Firsts: Trick-or-Treating (before Halloween)
Mommy’s Highlight: Watching him start to try new things on his own, but knowing he will still look to make sure I’m watching.
Daddy’s Highlight: The way LT crawls after us when we walk around the house – he’s a little shadow!

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Ten Months

Weight: 19+ pounds
Length: 28-ish inches
Likes: Trying to climb up and over Mommy, following Mommy and Daddy around the house, helping Mommy and Daddy get the mail out of the mailbox.
Dislikes: Growing new teeth.
Clothing Size: Mostly still 6-9 month, but he has worn a few 12 month clothes (I can’t believe my baby fits in clothes for a one year old!!!)
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Toy(s): A simple Finding Nemo bouncy ball – I don’t even remember who gave it to us, but he loves to roll it back and forth with us or roll it down the hallway and chase it himself.
Skills: Real crawling
Eating: He will eat anything, as long as it is pureed. We’ve been pureeing our meals to share with him or giving him more typical baby food, and he eats it all. He’s getting really good at self-feeding with puffy snacks, but could care less about anything else we put on his tray.
Sleeping: We moved LT to his own room after Labor Day. The AAP recommendation is keeping baby in the room until one year, but we wondered if we all might sleep better in separate rooms. He continues to sleep through the night more often than not, unless he is teething or has an ear infection (poor guy). Having him in his own room certainly helps when we go to bed later than him or wake up earlier than him.
Firsts: Trip to Faith’s Lodge, church block party, memorial walk for Rayna
Mommy’s Highlight: Taking LT to Faith’s Lodge to be with our families and celebrate Rayna.
Daddy’s Highlight: The smile LT gives us when we walk into the room he is in.

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Nine Months

9 MonthsWeight: 18.4 pounds
Length: 27.8 inches
Likes: Ripping apart magazines if he gets his hands on them, making his way to the hardwood floor to make louder banging noises.
Dislikes: Having things that aren’t safe to play with taken away, such as small pieces of paper he ripped out of magazines. He also makes a face like he does not like the first bite of any food he is having, no matter what it is.
Clothing Size: 6-9 month
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Toy(s): Not toy things (such as empty cereal boxes)
Skills: Inch-worm crawling
Eating: He likes chewing on big chunks of food, especially watermelon.
Sleeping: Through the night (most of the time)! He still takes cat naps, or 3-4 short naps in a day.
Firsts: Rayna’s Week, trip to a state park, time in the church nursery, night away from Mommy, flight.
Mommy’s Highlight: Being reunited after time away!
Daddy’s Highlight: Taking him to Chicago to meet the Salesforce Ohana.

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Eight Months

Weight: 17+ pounds
Length: 27+ inches
Likes: Having his face wiped after eating, being within sight of Mommy.
Dislikes: Having his nose wiped.
Clothing Size: Still rocking the 6-9 month clothes!
Diaper Size: He started the month in size 2 and graduated to size 3.
Favorite Toy(s): Not toy things (such as Gatorade bottles), tags on toys—not the tags that are intentionally for playing, but the brand label tags on pretty much anything (including bibs).
Skills: Sitting, doing planks while he works on his crawling muscles
Eating: All kinds of things! He still loves bananas, but we give them to him less often. He’s started in on yogurt (his first dairy) and we keep letting him try all sorts of new things. He still drinks plenty of breast milk and nurses frequently during the day.
Sleeping: He’s still pretty inconsistent, but I would say when we are not travelling he sleeps through the night more often than not. He is not a great nap taker during the day.
Firsts: Trip to the drag race track, ear infection, parade as a spectator
Mommy’s Highlight: Going to library story time and watching LT interact with the other babies.
Daddy’s Highlight: Taking LT to the drag race track for the first time.

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Seven Months

Weight: 17 lbs, 5 oz
Length: 26.8 inches
Likes: Being outside, bubbles, watching big kids play
Dislikes: Broccoli
Clothing Size: He started the month still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but ended the month mostly in 6-9 month clothes.
Diaper Size: 2
Favorite Toy(s): Crinkly-paper toys
Skills: A lot of rolling over! He’s starting to get up on his hands and knees but hasn’t started crawling yet.
Eating: LT still loves breastmilk and eats plenty of ounces at daycare and still every 2-3 hours at home with Mommy. However, he also seems to be enjoying eating food. I’ve been making our baby food so far, and it is fun to experiment and see what he’ll like. His favorite so far seems to be sweet potatoes and bananas, but he’s also had oatmeal, avocado, peas, broccoli, pears, peaches, green beans, blueberry, watermelon, chicken, and more.
Sleeping: He has more good nights than bad nights. He sleeps through the night pretty often. Full disclosure, we aren’t doing anything different and don’t have any tricks or advice, it would seem he is just ready to sleep through the night. One night was even 10 hours!
Firsts: First tooth! Father’s Day
Mommy’s Highlight: Dressing him up and taking him to three weddings in the past month, he even hit up the dance floor with us (while sleeping) at a few of the weddings!
Daddy’s Highlight: Having LT on the sidelines cheering on the little league baseball games.

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