Resume of a Bereaved Mother

In the Grief Writing Class I took last fall, the instructors encouraged us to come up with creative alternatives to share about our losses. I acknowledge the cheesy-ness of this, but if you click the little link below you’ll see the Resume of a Bereaved Mother I started last fall and added to this winter:

Resume of a Bereaved Mother
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Elegy #2

The sun always sets, the day always ends
Everything living always dies
You said goodbye with a sunset
It was an end
And a beginning
Grief is the night
Stars flicker
But mostly it’s dark
We say hello with the sunrise
Only rainy days can bring rainbows
The sun always rises, the day always begins Continue reading


This fall I took a class about writing grief through lyric poetry and narrative. This was a beautiful opportunity to put words to the sea of sorrow I felt with two brilliant professional writers as navigators. I journeyed with others in various stages of the grieving process, opening our hearts together through writing. I looked forward to these evenings, of holding a pen in my hand and writing about Rayna while facing the waves. The class stretched the way I saw myself and the way I wrote. You will see more works from and inspired by those six weeks throughout the future of the blog.

During our first gathering we skimmed an article entitled How to Give a Eulogy, and the idea of telling the truth in eulogy, even when it is not all flattering, stuck with me. We did not have a funeral for Rayna, feeling satisfied with the dedication we shared in the hospital, so through the class I wrote a eulogy. There was peace and levity in writing about how I knew and experienced Rayna:

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