Ten Months

Weight: 19+ pounds
Length: 28-ish inches
Likes: Trying to climb up and over Mommy, following Mommy and Daddy around the house, helping Mommy and Daddy get the mail out of the mailbox.
Dislikes: Growing new teeth.
Clothing Size: Mostly still 6-9 month, but he has worn a few 12 month clothes (I can’t believe my baby fits in clothes for a one year old!!!)
Diaper Size: 3
Favorite Toy(s): A simple Finding Nemo bouncy ball – I don’t even remember who gave it to us, but he loves to roll it back and forth with us or roll it down the hallway and chase it himself.
Skills: Real crawling
Eating: He will eat anything, as long as it is pureed. We’ve been pureeing our meals to share with him or giving him more typical baby food, and he eats it all. He’s getting really good at self-feeding with puffy snacks, but could care less about anything else we put on his tray.
Sleeping: We moved LT to his own room after Labor Day. The AAP recommendation is keeping baby in the room until one year, but we wondered if we all might sleep better in separate rooms. He continues to sleep through the night more often than not, unless he is teething or has an ear infection (poor guy). Having him in his own room certainly helps when we go to bed later than him or wake up earlier than him.
Firsts: Trip to Faith’s Lodge, church block party, memorial walk for Rayna
Mommy’s Highlight: Taking LT to Faith’s Lodge to be with our families and celebrate Rayna.
Daddy’s Highlight: The smile LT gives us when we walk into the room he is in.

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