20 Weeks

20 Weeks 2
Bump pic!

Hitting 20 weeks during this pregnancy felt like a big deal, though it was already a few weeks ago. Just as noteworthy as getting out of the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage decreases dramatically. 20 marks halfway to 40. Halfway through the 10 months of pregnancy. It also marks the point of pregnancy at when—if I feel anxious, or if there is bleeding, or cramping, or a change in LT’s movement—I don’t have to go to the emergency department, but can go straight to OB (obstetrics). 20 weeks is when there is at least a possibility of stopping something tragic; slowing labor, keeping LT inside long enough to give him or her a chance. 20 weeks is almost 24 weeks, when, if LT arrives early there is at least the possibility of saving his or her life in the NICU.

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