This is a little late. It was meant for Mother’s Day, but I was lazy. Then for Memorial Day, which has now come and gone. Now, (the day after) Father’s Day, seems like a good day for remembering. In the time since I started this post, Nick’s city grandma passed away and we have laid her to rest. Rest after a long and full life. This woman lost her son and her husband within a few years of one another, yet survived and thrived for more than 30 years without them. She travelled, she laughed, she poked gentle fun. We certainly mourn her absence, yet I find myself celebrating her reunion with those she loved who went before her. Without ever saying it out loud to one another, we were united as bereaved mothers. We spent time remembering her crafts (pajamas, quilts, sock monkeys, bulletin bead necklaces, and more), her sarcasm, and her legacy.

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