Feeling Helpless: Part 2

As you saw in my last post, I wrote about how there is so little we can control during pregnancy. Today I wanted to talk through another area I have felt helpless over the past seven months. This helplessness is on the grieving side. Again, I’m going to put a disclaimer here saying there have been plenty moments I have felt helpful. The goal behind these Feeling Helpless posts are to allow us all to realize there are moments we are helpless and it is important to become comfortable with being helpless during those moments.

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It seems pretty standard in the community of grief we’ve found in the last seven months to pick up a hobby, something to do in the absence of having a baby to care for. Or, something to do to help your body keep moving forward as your mind catches up with the great loss. I even read another blogger’s post about the space creating helps fill.

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Feeling Helpless: Part 1

Over the past six months I’ve spent many moments feeling helpless. Before I continue, please know I’ve also had moments of feeling helpful and realize I can control certain actions and reactions. Today, I want to write about why I have felt moments of helplessness to highlight that sometimes there is nothing anyone can do, and how it is important to be aware of those moments.

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