Bump Pics

We were going to post these to Facebook right around the time Rayna died. I thought this could be a good place to share them. We started taking them at 20 weeks, and mostly did them on Saturdays… but not always 🙂

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Finding Out

33 Weeks
This photo was actually taken the day before 33 weeks. Our bump photos weren’t always perfectly timed.

Nick and I were planning to go on vacation after our first baby shower, which was planned for Sunday, July 26… but life had other ideas. We drove down to my parents’ on Friday, July 24. We often drove down after work, but this trip started even later because we had a celebration to attend with friends back home. Despite the late night, our baby was very active the whole drive down. LL always was. LL was always always moving.

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Our Pregnancy

We certainly had our doubts about being ready for a baby, but we also knew “ready” was an abstract thing. There would always be reasons to not have a child—maybe we needed to grow up more, maybe the timing wasn’t right for my work or for Nick’s work, maybe we wanted to save more money… And, we were ready.

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